Jul 30, 2020

Claudia de la Torre – Color Topologies

Thursday, July 30, 4 – 8 PM

The Impossible Library is not a library. The Impossible Library is a workshop. The Impossible Library receives a mural.

Artist and publisher Claudia de la Torre (backbonebooks) is guest-researcher at the Impossible Library, working with the inventory as material and tool. She applies her Color Topologies method as a site-specific mural to the Impossible Library, based on her findings.Color Topologies is an artistic method Claudia de la Torre explores in her work, color coding the corners of books to lead to new narratives and visualities in the books themselves. They also come off the pages and onto the walls as site-specific murals.

The Silver Metal Lover, Acrylic paint on wall, Variable measurements 2018 © Claudia de la Torre
The Silver Metal Lover
The Silver Metal Lover, 11,8×18 cm, 240 pages, acrylic paint on paper. Perfect bound, blind embossing on cover, edition of 1 signed copy. backbonebooks 2018 © Claudia de la Torre

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