Dear Impossible Library Allies & Resident Applicants,

Thank you for responding to our call! We know how much work goes into applications and thank you for your time and effort.

We were humbled by the 187 applications from across the globe from North, East, South, West. Applicants ranged from students, newcomers and established professionals, artist organizations, and collectives across disciplines from design, academia, music, art (Media, Fine Arts, Performance, Performing Arts), urbanism, publishing, activism, art education, and curation. The proposals for artist books, zines, novels, maps, sorting, storytelling, memory, ceramics, collages, and urban city infrastructure were vast. The amount of international zine archiving projects is empowering.

This was a tough decision but after portfolio reviews and three juried meetings by the Impossible Library Team we are pleased to announce:

The Impossible Library Residents, exhibiting the strongest portfolio, proposal, and concept relating specifically to the Impossible Library stacks and Indiecon 2020, and with an interest in active team-work with the Impossible Library ideas and people is:

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