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The readers are compiled by residents and guests of the Impossible Library. They consist of publications extracted from the collection. However, these are not only accessible to a certain group of people – as is usual with the academic “reader” in a library – but offer all visitors another possibility to approach the Impossible Library's collection. They represent a subjective and commented selection of publications, which is exhibited separately and digitally documented here.

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The Impossible Library is not a library. The Impossible Library is a workshop. The tools of the Impossible Library are an inventory of over 1000 independent magazines and zines. We work with these.

In a residency program and event series, we investigate the relation between subversive publishing and society: The role of archives in digital capitalism, the formation of publics through people – publications – places, and search for alternative models to entrenched cultures toward niches, gaps, the present, and futures.

We understand publishing as a practice that is explicitly a practice for exchange. The Impossible Library is open weekly to the public as a room for reading, discussing, and working. By collaborating with artists, publishers, visitors, new systems of order emerge from its use.

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