Oct 1, 2021

Comicfestival Hamburg: Janne Dauer im Schaufenster

In the frame of the Comic Festival Hamburg we present:

The non-space "Parking Place" is in the center of the exhibition by the Viennese comic artist and painter. Jan­ne Dauer. Small situations and movements, that take place in the hidden corners of spaces, people, who show up only to leave again– playful and experimental, the artists approaches the everyday moments on the periphery of the unknown city.

Jan­ne Dauer (*1995) lives and works in Vienna. In comics, painting, and airbrush pictures she artistically comments on the everday. She is part of the Viennese art collectiveSie "Ma­ga­zins Pirol“ and her comics have been published in Kuš! and the anthology "Franz the
Lo­nely Aus­trio­naut“. @jmdauer


Exhibition Duration
FR 01.10. — SO 03.10.

Opening hours
14 — 18 Uhr

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