Apr 20, 2021

Babbling and Fluxus – the stonekollektiv visiting Impossible Library

"The stored knowledge needs a body to be revived, to be remembered."

The stonekollektiv, that is Caroline Kapp and Julia Nitschke, will be working in the Impossible Library from 26th to 30th October and will bring the stored knowledge of the inventory in motion through performance.

With their specific babble performance technique and a pinch of Fluxus, the stonekollektiv will reveal the contents of the Impossible Library. Everything that comes into their hands will flow into their messy knowledge production.

The stored knowledge needs a body to be revived, to be remembered. Why not by two feminists? And contrary to their socialised role, that of women, the stonekollektiv really doesn't want to clean up, but prefers to be guided by the archive and give up control.

Within the process they create small babble sessions.

The director Caroline Kapp (Munich) and the performance artist Julia Nitschke (Bochum) have been working as stonekollektiv on socially engaged participatory performances for three years. Their main focus is to rehearse new memory rituals with the audience through their performance series "Labern übers eigenen Land".

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