Nov 1, 2021

Ministerium für Mitgefühl

The Impossible Library is not a library.

The Impossible Library is a workshop.

The Ministry for Empathy squats the Impossible Library's window front.

The ministry for empathy's chancelor (f*) is not up for election this autumn. But she has some words for us in a campaign, to give each party and their main candidates a rewarding goal: a society of empathy. The minister says: one word creates another. She positions herself firstly against the language of bigotry and also against the hate in our analog and digital world. The minister says: before every speech, there must be listening. Conflict and respect are two sides of a medal. For her campaign, the minister needs support: She asks to hang up her posters, and share her slogans and hashtags. The ministry for empathy is a collective for empathetic resistance against the brutality of language and social powers.


Poster Campaign courtesy Ministerium für Mitgefühl

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