Jul 1, 2021, 05:00 PM

Revolting Librarians Assembly

Revolting Librarians Assembly

Although public libraries are understood as guardians of democracy and education,

there have always been reasons for blue-printing alternative library systems.

Independent libraries such as zine libraries or artist book archives emerge out of a need for representation apart from institutional systems

or as an emancipatory act to found their own system of knowledge.

In analog and digitalized times, the archiving of ephemera is a consistently developing and defining field. Its systems can range from a shoe carton to an independent digital platform, the values systems that shape them ask political, social, and economic questions.


What could zine libraries learn from institutional libraries?

What can institutional libraries learn from independent zine libraries?

Give X Take X Share: How can we find a productive mode of exchange?

How could a careful and sustainable mode of archiving look for zines in the State Library?

Schikkimikki Zinedistro & Library

Archive of Youth Cultures

Gloria Glitzer/ We Make It

Aarhus Art Book & Zine Fest/ Abdul Dube

Nicole Döll/ Library: Gallery of Contemporary Art, Leipzig

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