Mar 25, 2022, 06:00 PM

Segment – A literary reading

As we get closer, the street glistens with messages. An empty bottle of wine, a missing persons report, an unfinished love letter. We feel urged to drink, to lie, to chat. The street is anunreliable narrator.

Two authors work at the intersection of the visible and the fantastic, Nefeli Kavouras and Sonja Roczek.Almost like a Flaschenpost, their texts mirror vulnerable histories across different times.

The show was recorded in German at the Impossible Library in Hamburg and airs on March 25th at montezpress.com

Nefeli Kavouras, born 1996 in Bamberg, studied cultural studies at Leuphana University in Lüneburg, lives in Hamburg. She works at mairisch Verlag, co-organises the independent reading series Hafenlesung as a member of the foundintranslation collective, runs the literary podcast laxbrunch with the Hamburg author Anselm Neft and organises other literary formats such as workshops and festivals. As an author, she was a scholarship holder at the "Treffen Junger Autoren" and at the "Literaturlabor Wolfenbüttel". She has published in magazines and anthologies and writes the monthly literary column "Auf ein Getränk mit..." in the Hamburg city magazine "Hinz&Kunzt".

Sonja Roczek was born in 1971 in Quedlinburg (East Germany). She has graduated with two degrees from two different faculties: One in Sign Language and one in Fine Arts. She writes, films, and performs. She founded the first cinema for the DEAF in Germany (at the B-Movie Cinema, Hamburg). Also involved in several female Music and Performance projects: Fau, Leihm, Beginenbar, häutchenfilm production (www.haeutchenfilm.de). Awards: Hamburger Literaturpreise (2007, 2021), Jury Award Wiener Werkstattpreis (2021). Currently living with her son in Hamburg.

The reading Segment is a cooperation by the Impossible Library and Clara Sondermann.

Photo: Recording scene. Credits: Clara Sondermann

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