Jul 4, 2020

Soooooft Opening

The Impossible Library is not a library. The Impossible Library is a workshop. The Impossible Library is opening …

… but veeeeery slowly. Due to contact restrictions, we’re inviting you to join us for dispersed individual openings instead of an opening party. We’ll start on July 4, 12 – 8pm. From then on, open every Thursday 4 – 8 PM.

If you drop by during opening hours, you’ll be welcomed by one of our librarians. You can visit the Impossible Library alone or with one companion, receive information on the project and program, and flip through the pages.

Publications will be removed from display for 24 hours after use – following the recommendations of the German library association.

If you still find all of this too risky: You can use the Impossible Library as an aquarium anytime, to look inside through our front window while passing by.

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