Jun 10, 2021

Our Lives are larger than Images from the Future

A Dive into the Printed Matter Archives of the MARKK & Impossible Library

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The Impossible Library is not a library.
The Impossible Library is a workshop.
The Impossible Library and Enrico Floriddia interact with the MARKK’s historic ephemera collection.

Is a brochure an innocent piece of paper?
How long does an image stay in our mind?
What is its imprint?

Looking into the MARKK’s historic archives of ephemera, brochures, booklets, and posters, visual artist Enrico Floriddia aims to uncover social attitudes and biases in the MARKK’s collection in conversation with the Impossible Library stacks. The museum and the library’s perspective as framers becomes framed and in itself an object of observation. The notion of the body and how it is mediated and performed through text and images will be a particular focus. Floriddia’s intervention strategies of partial covering, opacity, superposition, and performativity, will attempt to detoxify and dignify the printed matters at hand. Ephemeras, exposures, reversions.

During the research week, everyone is invited to comment and ask questions via the MARKK’s Instagram Channel and via the Impossible Library’s E-mail (post@impossiblelibrary.com). These comments and reflections will feed into the intervention at Impossible Library and final discussion at MARKK.

How does the representation of the body translate into its objectification?
How not to make bodies and their dignity invisible?
Who owns the means of production and reproduction of images?
How to show the biases in the brochures and at the same time not expose derogatory and undignified representations?
Can these forms of toxic graphic, textual and visual commentary allow for discussion and exposure without harm?
How to develop anti-bodies to such material?

Enrico Floriddia & Si-Ying Fung in Conversation

14.06.2021 / 7 pm (CEST)

live on Zoom via this link
Questions, comments, responses will be collected during the whole week via: post@impossiblelibrary.com an MARKK's Instagram channel

The event will be in english.

Reversions. Discussion with Enrico Floriddia & Rilando June Lamadjido (MARKK)

19.06.2021 / 3 pm (CEST) CANCELED

live on Zoom via this link

The event will be in english.

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