Aug 23, 2020

Loulou João

LOULOU JOÃO an Afrobelgian 3D illustrator and animator. She attempts to shine light on the narration and representation of Black and PoC womyn* through the character POLLY FOCKET. By making use of 3D Software (Blender), she visualizes her own reality. A digital world that consists of candy-coated, squishy, plastic objects. Within this reality, she is able to focus on the expression of her own true self without any constructs weighing her down. She creates her own safe space to reflect on the struggle she faces in the physical world. During the residency, POLLY FOCKET will roam through the Impossible Library’s publications, analyzing how they relate and represent her as a digital entity and female belonging to the African Diaspora. She will use the tools in the library to rewrite her own story, searching for ways how she can claim her spot in time and place. This research will result in artistic works.

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