Apr 30, 2022

Softly moving on

Dear Readers,

In 2019, we started building and conceptualizing the Impossible Library a project by HEFT, Die Brueder, Annika Dorau and Lady Liberty Press thanks to the Elbkulturfonds. From 2020-2022, we created programming and artistic research. We did not realize how accurate our name would be and how timely, the notion of the Impossible Library in the face of pandemic, digital socializing, and social distancing. Nonetheless, we are very amazed how much was made possible in impossible times. We want to thank all of our contributors, collaborators, fellows, and friends. Thank you!

Softly moving on. Magazine stacks in the Impossible Library.

Our guest artists and contributors:

Jae Kyung Kim @einbuch.haus

Abdul Dube / Aarhus Art Book & Zine Fest @dubephotog

John Z Komurki @jzkomurki Risomania

Annette Gilbert & Andres Bülhoff @andreasbuelhoff Library of Artistic Print on Demand

Daniel Schneider @archiv_der_jugendkulturen

Moritz Grünke @wemakeitberlin @herbarium_riso

Nicole Doell @gfzk_leipzig

The Ministry of Empathy #ministeriumfürmitgefühl

Aron Rossman-Kiss #aronrossmankiss

Janne-Marie Dauer @jmdauer

Anne König @spectorbooks

Nino Bulling @nino_pauli

Enrico Floriddia @enrico_floriddia

Si-Ying Fung @fung_siying

Rilando June Lamadjido

Caroline Kapp & Julia Nitschke #stonekollektiv @julia.nietzsche @messyhistory @labernuberseigeneland

Loulou João & #pollyfocket & Nathan @louloujoao

Claudia de la Torre @backbonebooks

Clara Sondermann @_clarasondermann_

Nefeli Kavouras @nefeli.kavouras

Leonhard Hieronymi @leonhardi.hieronymi

Camera Arhiva @cameraarhiva

Sonja Roczek #sonjaroczek

The institutions that opened their archives or channels for us:




@schikkimikki_zinedistro & @hungry_eyes_zinefest



@klasseresges @kunsthochschulekassel


As a collaborative group, the Impossible Library is undergoing transformations, however, the ideas of the Impossible Library and its principles live on in upcoming projects:

The Impossible Library is not a library.

The Impossible Library is a workshop.

We investigate the relation between subversive publishing and society: The role of archives in digital capitalism, the formation of publics through people – publications – places, and search for alternative models to entrenched cultures toward niches, gaps, the present, and futures.

HEFT will take over the Impossible Libary’s physical space to pursue their experimental spatial practices with new collaborators. @hheft

Die Brueder will move the magazine collection back to the Oberhafen where it can be visited by appointment or during #indiecon2022 @indiemags

Annika Dorau and foundintranslation will advocate for a more multilingual and dynamic literary scene in Hamburg. @annikadorau @hafenlesung

Lady Liberty Press will apply independent publishing practices at @ladylibertylibrary.

Stay tuned…

Photocredits: Impossible Library

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