Apr 1, 2022

Questions about writing to Leonhard Hieronymi

Impossible Library (IL): Can you still remember the first literary text you wrote?

Leonhard Hieronymi (LH): I think so! A sci-fi story, in the eighth or ninth grade. I was asked to recite it twice, I was applauded. In the story, spaceships were digging up Ayers Rock. Or it was like, the aliens owned Ayers Rock and they took it back. I don't remember exactly.

IL: Are readings of other books important in writing?

LH: Yes, but there are things like Thomas Bernhard that you shouldn't read, they rub off on your style. And you shouldn't steal so much. But other books are otherwise a good distraction from your own.

IL: What is the best thing about writing?

LH: The reading aloud later, and knowing when you're writing that a joke will work.

IL: ...and the worst thing?

LH: At the moment, the distraction of winter sports and the music of Thomas Fehlmann. I'm listening to the album Lowflow and just now Julia Pereira de Sousa Mabileau fell from Quincy-sous-Sénart (have fun shopping online).

IL: How do you know when a lyric is ready?

LH: When it makes me angry!

IL: What writer cliché do you like to fulfil?

LH: I am disgustingly selfish.

IL: What current problem do you wish you had a book on?

LH: Ski jumping!

IL: ...and by whom?

LH: Joshua Groß.

Leonhard Hieronymi read from Mostro at the Impossible Library on 11.11.2021. Pinocchio ice cream in Germany.

Leonhard Hieronymi (*1987, Bad Homburg) studied Philosophy,
Computer Science and European Literature in Berlin, Mainz and Vienna. In 2017, his manifesto Ultraromantik was published. In 2020, his novel In zwangloser Gesellschaft followed, with which he was nominated for the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize. In 2021 he published the illustrated book Mostro with his school friend Christian Metzler. Pinocchio Ice Cream in Germany.

Photo: The author Leonhard Hieronymi at his workplace. Credits: private.

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